Chamfer And V Groove Cutters

Chamfer bits are ideal for bevelling, as well as for producing an edge for mitres. V-groove bits are perfect for detailed jobs, including providing great definition for text. They create a V-shape that are great for any project involving folding pieces. 

Here at Trend Direct UK, we supply a wide range of chamfer and v-groove professional cutters, including engraving cutters and bearing guided chamfer cutters. We also supply a range of V groove router bits that are especially designed for aluminium composite cladding. These bits rout into the aluminium composite cover and part of the polyethylene core to allow you to fold the material by hand.

Each cutter in our wide selection of chamfer and v-groove router bits is made from quality materials to ensure reliable and precise results. We have cutters in a variety of sizes for every type of bevelling project, for creating mortar grooves, for shaping panel moulds, and other projects.