Ovolo & Rounding Over

Trend Direct UK has a selection of quality ovolo and round over bits by Trend, a world leader in rounding bits. Suitable for professional use as well as DIY projects, these bits are perfect for complex and intricate shapes and cutting edges. They are also designed for use on a variety of materials, including softwoods and hardwoods.

We supply durable and precise ovolo and round over bits, including bearing and pin guided that helps users follow shapes effectively and with precision. Our range of ovolo and rounding over bits also includes shank-mounted bearing ovolo bits and various ovolo cutters. We also supply shoulder scribe cutters, sash and glazing bar bits, and the octacut – an eight-in-one cutter set designed to cut eight different profiles.

Trend Direct UK offers top quality routing tools at competitive prices and affordable shipping throughout the UK. Shop online and choose from our wide selection of ovolo and rounding over bits for detailed cutting and stunning results.