Profile Scriber Sets

Profile scribers are the perfect tool for tracing and copying irregular surfaces. For curved or straight lines, they give you a truly precise profile. Trend Direct UK supplies a variety of profile scriber sets for professional and DIY use. Trend is a leader in manufacturing high quality routing products, including profile scribers. 

Our range of profile scriber sets includes combination profile scriber sets and Trend’s Easyset profile scribe sets. Combination sets are the classic tool for producing a cabinet panels door or drawer fronts; components can be rearranged on the arbour to cut the profile or scribe. The Easyset produces the same type of joint and the same components as the combination sets, and both parts of the joint are cut by simply changing the cutter height. These tools can easily be converted from scribing to profiling. 

With Trend Direct UK, we offer the best routing tools at competitive prices. Shop online and choose from our wide selection of profile scriber sets for all your scribing and profiling needs.