Trimmers & Profilers

Trend Direct UK has an extensive range of trimmers and profilers that are suitable for use on wood and plastic, including laminate. All of our trimmers and profilers are made to the highest of standards by Trend, a leader in designing and manufacturing routing products you can trust.

Whether for a DIY project or professional use, we supply precise and reliable trimmers and profilers. With convenient online shopping and affordable shipping, you can choose from a variety of bits includes 90 degree and double guided trimmers. For flush trimming, we offer specially-designed flush trimmers with three flutes and bevelled corners to prevent scoring.


We also supply oversize cutter profilers and template profilers. For laminate, we have economy trimmers, pierce and trim cutters, bevel trimmers, and combination trimmers. If you need help choosing the right trimmer or profiler for your project, contact us on 01792 793703.